WHAT is kitty's KOMBUCHA?

Kitty's Kombucha is a lightly fizzy (sometimes frisky) living tea beverage, botanically inspired and sweetened with a little local honey or organic sugar.

Many believe that kombucha originated in China or Japan, others place its origins in Tibet or the steppes of Central Asia. Depending on how it is brewed, kombucha has a varying mellow, tart or sweet taste. A key element of a kombucha brew is the "SCOBY" (a symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast), which you might find growing naturally inside your bottle one day - yes it could look gloopy, but count yourself lucky - it's perfectly healthy for you. It is perhaps because of the balance of bacteria and yeast in the brew, and the enzymes and acids produced, that kombucha has long been venerated as a fortifying and health-giving beverage. Including fermented foods and beverages in your diet can form part of a healthy lifestyle, and above all it is up to you to feel how kombucha works for you.



Kitty's Kombucha is committed to producing a healthy, low-sugar beverage. All sugar-based brews contain less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml, which makes them certifiably low sugar. The natural sugar content of the honey-based brews is a little higher, check the hanging label for specific nutritional information.


What is "jun" kombucha?

The batches brewed with local honey are "jun" kombucha. Jun is simply living culture (like kombucha) that has been nourished with honey all its life, and is uniquely disposed to fermenting with the aid of honey, as opposed to sugar. Jun by Kitty's Kombucha uses a honey blend of at least 50% local honey from responsibly managed hives across the verdant Thames 'Arcadia' loop, from Hampton Court, Kingston, Teddington, Twickenham, Richmond and Kew and featuring the beautiful green open spaces of Bushy Park, Richmond Park and Kew Gardens.


why oak barrels?

Brewing in oak barrels imparts a mellow, full body to the kombucha, which suits the beverage perfectly. The kombucha culture also settles and grows inside the barrel's microscopic gaps and pores, and as the oak 'breathes' so does the kombucha. It's a great symbiotic relationship. Additionally, the process of coopering oak barrels has a lower burdensome carbon footprint than producing stainless steel, glass or ceramic equivalents. All Kitty's Kombucha oak barrels come from sustainably managed, fast-growing oak tree forests, and are specifically crafted by a master cooper for the purpose of brewing kombucha.



Fizz is fantastic, especially when it's the product of natural carbonation from the ongoing fermentation process. Kitty's Kombucha does not artificially pump CO2 into its precious brews. But to avoid unintended surprises, make sure your bottle always remains properly refrigerated, and open with care. Pour straight into a tall glass, or use the swing-stopper mechanism to gradually burp the bottle if necessary - it's there to help you.



Kitty's Kombucha is rolling out now with distinct and botanically inspired brews. Variety is the spice of life and so new brews will always be on the horizon. They'll all reflect a passion for botany and the healing intent of nature, handcrafted with love.


Where can i buy a bottle or 2?

Kitty's Kombucha loves London, and so that's where your best bet of finding this enjoyable, fizzy beverage is at the moment. Check the website for an updated list of locations where Kitty's Kombucha is on sale. You will soon be able to order online via this website for next-day deliveries (more details coming shortly).


You deliver everything by bicycle, seriously?

Yes (in the boroughs of Richmond and Kingston and a little bit beyond). Not only is cycling good for you and simply great for your bottom and legs, it is hands down the cleanest and most peaceful mode of transport available. Come rain or shine, dawn or dusk, Kitty's Kombucha will deliver by pedal power - and has invested in suitable equipment to achieve reliable and safe deliveries for up to 60 bottles. Beyond local borders for events or central London business customers, Kitty's Kombucha delivers by 0-emission all-electric vehicle thanks to a happy relationship with E-Car Club.