Bottle exchange
& refills

Own that bottle - own the future!
Follow these 3 simple steps and do your bit for a more sustainable planet (and your wallet).
Exchange your bottle for a freshly filled new one. Or come to a refill location with your very own bottle.
Welcome to the happy bottle club!

rinse out.png

1. Rinse out

Right after finishing the bottle, place it inside the fridge until you have time to complete the following steps:

Fill with warm water and a few drops of vinegar (don't use soap or detergent). 

Close the stopper.

Shake securely.


Repeat the above rinse 'n shake, and empty out.

Also check the stopper seal are clean and clear of any sediment.

*Never* use soap/detergent or place the bottle inside the dishwasher, and don't use a metal scrub inside or out.


2. Drip dry

After rinsing, turn the bottle upside down. Check it has sufficient stable support and allow it to fully drip dry inside.

Swivel the stopper to the side with the top facing down - allowing the drops inside to drip away freely.

When the inside of the bottle & the stopper are fully dry, close the stopper and place inside your fridge. If there is no room inside your fridge, do not close the stopper. Instead, take a small piece of kitchen paper, put it over the bottle mouth and lightly place the stopper on top - allowing the bottle to breathe and prevent condensation.


3. return

On the day you return the bottles, leave them for collection, or come by for a refill...

Remove the kitchen paper (if relevant).

Close the stopper. And come either to a local market, your liquid delicatessen or a fantastic zero-waste store If you've ordered Karma bottles online, ensure your bottles are in a bag or box in the secure location you specified in the order form (if you're not home when we deliver). 

Please also read the Conditions below to confirm we're all clear and you haven't missed something out.

Thank you for doing your bit!

[Instructions updated: 20th March, 2018]


Reasonable care must be taken to keep the bottle, stopper & seal clean until you return for an exchange, refill or leave it for collection - the above steps are simple home care best practice and must be followed. Bottle returns are accepted at the discretion of Kitty's Kombucha.

Bottles which are returned must be structurally sound. Bottles chipped at the mouth will not be accepted for reconditioning but will be glass recycled (or turned into pretty flower vases). Bottles without stoppers will be accepted.

Different care instructions apply to Karma for Business.

Any questions you might have, just get in touch.