Our earth
& Sustainability

Thinking & 'doing' sustainability are hardwired into the root DNA of Kitty's Kombucha. We all exist in symbiosis with each other & our planet, so it is the only reasonable way of doing business.
Simple. As. That.
So simple that we now donate 5% of all our revenue to Cool Earth helping rainforest communities halt the process of deforestation, climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

Image credit: adaptation of an icon by Jule Steffen & Matthias Schmidt from the Noun Project

Image credit: adaptation of an icon by Jule Steffen & Matthias Schmidt from the Noun Project

Energy & carbon awareness

The bicycle + trailer icon on the side of the bottles symbolises the deepest efforts made to distribute via the cleanest greenest options available. In the boroughs of Richmond and Kingston, delivery to customers is exclusively by pedal power. For deliveries further afield, a solution is always reached which does not generate an unnecessary carbon footprint, usually by electric vehicle or public transport where appropriate. Where there is a will, there is always a way!

Kitty's Kombucha's brewing station uses energy produced exclusively from renewable sources (solar, wind, tidal), and the energy company's profits are partly recycled in sustainable development projects across the globe. So too with the bottle manufacturer, chosen for its reusable, durable and high-quality amber bottles (perfect to hold the natural carbonation, and to protect the kombucha from daylight), and chosen also for its progressive environmental innovation (and located here in Europe, not on the other side of the world).

Packaging & Natural resources

The entire packaging (glass bottles, paper hang tags, cardboard retail boxes & paper adhesive tape) is made of 90 - 100% recycled content and zero plastic. Additionally, it is all 100% recyclable/reusable, and in the case of everything except the glass bottles and ceramic/steel tops, 100% biodegradable too. Consider also the high rate of return of empties thanks to the Karma bottle exchange & refill scheme - between June & November 2017, all batches were 100% composed of bottles previously filled by us at least once.

The handsome oak barrels in which our kombucha is brewed are all ex-Bourbon and whisky barrels that held liquor inside for at least 8 years. They have been re-purposed and adapted to brew kombucha. Originally, they came from responsibly managed, fast-growing forests, and coopering these creates a far lighter carbon footprint than manufacturing steel or glass equivalents.

After brewing and fermenting, the tea, herbs, flowers, and spices are all composted in local gardens - back to Mother Nature it all goes!


Keeping it Local

Kitty's Kombucha is proud to be a local business, native to London and the South West suburbs. By maximising efforts locally we will always exist in synergy and add value to the local economy. Not just by offering a delicious, frisky beverage made with ingenuity & spirit to the local community and businesses. But also by introducing local customers to the wonderful world of fermented beverages and foods - to participate in the positive evolution of local food culture, know-how & lifestyles.

Revenues from sales are reinvested locally as much as possible (no wire transfer of profits to far-off HQs!), and never will a bottle of Kitty's Kombucha be sent billowing diesel fumes cross-country in a refrigerated truck for delivery.

lastly, putting things into perspective...

That pale blue dot of ours. Isn't there perhaps something a little bit odd & incredible about it all?
We all know the difficulties our biosphere faces. But the greatest agent of change is you. So if you enjoy Kitty's Kombucha and you have ideas how to do any of this better and reduce our footprint even more, please get in touch!