Kitty's Kombucha was founded five years ago on a lush, tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. It began as a rootsy beverage company which produced delicious kombucha appreciated by many amongst the island's healing arts scene and beyond. Its ethos was fun, variety, balanced living, and celebration of life and the natural world.

Then, as now, the cue for inspiration behind the process and different brew flavours has always come from nature - using a studied mix of fruit, spices, herbs and flowers, as juice or potent tisanes (herbal teas). With that, grew the commitment never to use anything artificial to flavour or preserve the brew, and always to offer the kombucha raw, live and unpasteurised, just the way it was intended on the steppes of Central Asia all those centuries ago...

In 2016 Kitty's Kombucha upped sticks and moved to London, the hometown of the founder, to consider the idea of starting a kombucha brewing company locally.



And so it is that Kitty's Kombucha was relaunched on a Super Full Moon day in November, more committed than ever to the all-natural process, and: 

1. Using only the highest quality, and wherever possible organic and fair trade ingredients, brewing with local honey or the least amount of cane sugar without compromising on enjoyment

2. Brewing in oak barrels, not just for the mellow notes which the process imparts to the kombucha, but also for the simple pleasure of allowing symbiosis to occur, between the body of the oak barrel and the living kombucha culture inside

3. Committing to brewing and distributing locally, to help evolve and add value to the local economy

4. Delivering by bicycle or electric vehicle for the sake of London's air quality and minimising the company's carbon footprint

5. Having a very keen sustainability agenda and integrating it into the entire sourcing, production, packaging and delivery cycle, with the greatest honesty and least 'greenwashing' possible. We're all responsible for maintaining and improving our unique biosphere, for future generations of all creatures great and small...